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PNI Wayfinder V2000 Deluxe Vehicle Information Center

PNI Wayfinder V2000 Deluxe Vehicle Information Center

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  • Three-mode compass shows direction with compass rose, 16 cardinal points, and 5-degree numeric digits
  • Bright backlight turns on/off automatically using Photo Diode sensor
  • Measures inside or outside temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Stores one bearing point heading into memory to stay on desired course>
  • Holographic LCD improves brightness and contrast while removing glare; easy one-step calibration
  • Product Description
    The V2000 deluxe vehicle information center uses PNI's patented magnetic sensor technology--the same compass technology used in GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. And its sleek new design and metallic finish will get everyone's attention.

    The PNI V2000 is packed with a variety of smart features, including automatic shutoff when the vehicle is parked for a few minutes, and distortion warning when magnetic interference from an outside source--such as a steel bridge--is affecting compass accuracy. An intelligent photo diode senses light conditions and turns the backlight on or off automatically. An ice alert displays at 35 degrees Fahrenheit (or 1 degree Celsius) to warn of freezing conditions and potential black ice.

    It's easy to mount on a windshield with suction cups, and comes with an adjustable bracket for optimal viewing (even on vertical windshields) and a structural design that reduces vibration. It provides accurate compass bearings within 5 degrees and operates on a long-life lithium battery for over 1,200 hours (without backlight usage). An included 12-volt adapter fits into a lighter socket to save battery life.

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